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Grassroots Globalization – Challenge Syndicate


Grassroots Globalization – Challenge Syndicate


While the concept of financial inclusion generally applies to individuals and households on the fringes of the banking system, similar economic and moral principles apply to entire communities, countries and regions of the world economy. In any case, the fundamental task is to connect economic actors to opportunities in such a way that everyone benefits. How people are accepted into the community is just as important as whether they are. After decades of unilateral, paternalistic top-down approaches to globalization, it is clear that broad cooperation is crucial.

How can we rethink bilateral and multilateral agreements to maximize opportunities and economic access at all levels of development? What is needed to ensure that technologies developed in aging advanced economies are appropriately used in younger, more busy developing countries? What new structures are required to manage national debt in a dollar-dominated global monetary system? How can trade agreements be updated to reflect legitimate social, political and environmental concerns? What international agreements are needed to maximize benefits and limit immigration disruptions?

Grassroots Globalization is a live virtual event organized by Project Syndicate and the World Economic Forum and will take place on January 29, 2021. The agenda and registration form can be found below.


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