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The results of Covid-19 on the state, stability and globalization


The results of Covid-19 on the state, stability and globalization


M.all questions have been uncovered in the development of Covid-19 in the world. This point is very important to see and explain, because the same goes for peace and war. But its construction cannot be transferred to the level of all societies.

Seriously, this change is the biological necessity with the analysis of science, industrialization and medicine etc. The men are visible through Covid-19 in any society where the state has no capacity for all the patients admitted to hospitals in the world become. The mask war paralyzed many countries. This struggle cemented the level of states’ public health capacities.

Many studies explain the return of the nation state compared to globalization because it can control sovereignty, borders, war and peace, etc. Second, it spread the markets, exchanges and information etc. So big mutation is very important to compare it under Covid-19, but this challenge is funded by this pandemic in China. This country will be the USA country in the future.

Many post-Covid-19 discussions and conflicts were noted with these countries during the trade war, but the coronavirus had its direction towards the Third War. Why the nature of this impact for this mutation? The serious question that arises is when the coronavirus put all states in front of these challengers, but they have no solution to this new epidemic that has devastated millions of people.

International security is threatened if the nation state lacks a public health solution. This point is the same if the big states like the USA or China contested this situation with them, but protected without international law like conflicts, which the definition of power does not have a different idea, the coronavuris and here effects have placed under stability and security.

At the same time, I see the coronavirus epidemic as a new serious factor in international relations if we integrate it among the biological and environmental challengers to explain the level of states and their difficulties with globalization.

The international system is in a crisis when the dominant American has no relations with many states like China or Russia during the coronavirus, but international cooperation does not have the same conception of international cooperation, because at that moment the world faces the risks of one Pandemic is alive. On the negative side, this is the same vision as in the war, why cooperation between states does not take part in globalization.

The borderline of the strategic vision promoted the return of the nation state during globalization, because Covid-19 is an examination of all states to take their responsibility for the fate of their societies. Nobody thinks of this pandemic chocolate and, consequently, of many sectors and activities.

During Covid-19, international anarchy will be concerted after but without stability in international relations. Does it make this stability as a concept or a practice? The complexity in international relations is necessary or an evolution that accelerates these processes through Covid-19, but it has all possibilities to address other issues such as state, security, communication, integration, development and democracy etc.

The New Realism does not take up this point when changing international relations, because the political level of the states is influenced by the economic crisis. This developed the trade war between Beijing and Washington.

The European Union was fragile during Covid-19, especially since Italy and Serbia faced the Bavetten. This dangerous coronavirus situation explains the fragility of Union Europe. Globalization was created by the European Union, but it does not have the power to save its identity and money life during this epidemic of crisis.

In the Balkans, the European Union does not take a strategic position on the civil war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. As a result, around 300 people died on September 27, 2020. Currently, peace is not being funded in the surrounding areas of the central regions, especially during the Covid-19 and American elections.

This epidemic of upheaval in the XXI. Century is usually not a challenge when the public health in the big states is dangerous situation where modern politics many experiences with hospitable development, research and industrialization etc a flag of the European Union and set it by the Republic of China . We are from this ambiguous and weakened passage.

This conceptualization of statism in Europe and America during the Covid-19 can be developed as a concept of the public policy of the governments in the world. This is very important for the nation state in order to develop it through theoretical politics. Because it is shaped by the new power of states and not by globalization.

International relations develop at this level of states when we take the foreign policy of a state that clearly reflects its image or does not participate in an international environment.

The nature of Covid-19, on the other hand, cannot be compressed with institutes because the foundations from there are based on the war in international relations and the anarchy in the international system.

As a result, the nation state does not have many solutions to counteract it, as it has been profoundly influenced by globalization for three or four decades. But the question of who can ask it is: where does the world move in the light of what it has passed and what comes from it? The term security is very important, but not global if we look at it from the other angles of development, dialogue and research etc.

The nation state is very well used by security or dialogue with all factors in any society. Security is consequently at the level of development and change if it is not demined by the state and society. The world changes because of his volunteer or because of his violence?

Why the nature of this epidemic affects many actors in the bureaucratic management of governments, but this single context is conducive to an at least explosive conceptualization such as nation-state, security and globalization and others. This situation is not the same in the past, but is the product of its development. Perhaps the solution is not final, but roughly relative.

After all, what is the connection between the sciences and practical politics? But all concepts bring with them this type of crisis. The world is changing, but without any guarantee from all states and public policy and international relations. The shock is manifold and many times that of all humanity in this cycle of history during the XXI e centuries.

This development is not positive, because the states not only have strategic visions, but also the great resources that made the question of legitimacy a problem for peace democracy. At the same time, this path is corrected through ideas, values ​​and sciences. If the states don’t cast representative popularity polls, the outcome is minimally about institutes and politics.

This vision cannot rationally position the global system that requires the management of administration, economy and trade and be efficient in dealing with the problems of society.

On behalf of Covid-19, the world is going in a different direction without seriously guaranteeing the participation of all states and organizations. In contrast to Covid-19, humanity observed a huge difference between the past and the present. This point illustrates the nature of this crisis in health, communication and medicine.

As a researcher in international relations, I am waiting for the third Covid-19 war between China and the United States, but the commercial economic rulers rule their relations beyond this epidemic. This change in business is a major challenge for several companies, but without solutions. This mutation of the focus of operations between states and societies is very dangerous in the world. The Died is a great challenger to mankind, but the renovation through cash injections during the economic crisis does not form a common foundation of all structures.

What’s the final solution? This question is very important to ask because the story is removed by cycles but the volunteer and the consciousness are a common culture. Nobody can answer this orientation to this preoccupation of humanity. In this perspective, is the world in crisis through its states? We can think about it. But this crisis is multidisciplinary, horizontal and vertical.

International relations have financed the war for whom peace is their political ideal. This point is contradictory between states and societies. Their relationship is based on security, stability and sovereignty. The nation state seriously needs more treatment in its territory if it sees it as sovereignty like its principal. Globalization has changed direction when facing the nation state.

This contradicting concept of conceptualization posed greater difficulty than practice because it is very important to international relations researchers. Many centers around the world are talking about this challenge, but this fragile structure is the level of this set-up of institutes and their policies.

The Covid-19-like natural hazard posed a major problem for mankind, because the man is literally standing in front of his stove in the hospital: philosophical point or limit of modernity? What about subjects lying when the cure doesn’t exist. From this question we can well consider this restriction of several sectors and activities of each state and its population.


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