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The globalization of music: all songs thought of: NPR


The globalization of music: all songs thought of: NPR


The K-Pop Group BTS visits the Empire State Building on May 21, 2019 Steven Ferdman / Getty Images for ESB Hide caption

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Steven Ferdman / Getty Images for ESB

In the last ten years the boundaries between different musical worlds have fallen. Producers, singers, songwriters and other artists from around the world are working together in new ways as genres have blended so completely and seamlessly that it is almost impossible to call a lot of popular music as one thing. These intercultural and cross-border alliances – along with streaming and social media – were also a pipeline to bring global artists to new audiences on an unprecedented scale. Think of the huge K-pop band BTS and how thoroughly the group dominated the US pop charts, or the rise of Latinx artists like Bad Bunny and J Balvin or the Spanish singer Rosalía.

In this episode of All Songs Considered, host Robin Hilton is joined by Anastasia Tsioulcas and Stephen Thompson from NPR Music, as well as reporter, host of NPR’s Future You and founding office manager of NPR in Seoul, South Korea, Elise Hu, as we talk about the possibilities hear globalization in music, why it is happening, and some of the complications and questions surrounding it.


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