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Globalization companions create an extra 100 jobs in Galway


Globalization companions create an extra 100 jobs in Galway


Globalization Partners plans to create 100 additional jobs in Galway just six months after announcing a similar number of new jobs for the city.

The Boston-based recruitment technology company announced that it will establish its European headquarters in Galway in July with the intention of hiring up to 100 people over a three-year period. However, the company said it is way ahead of its original forecast of 47 employees to be hired in 2020 and an additional 85 expected to be hired by the end of this year.


A spokeswoman for the company told the Irish Times that it plans to reach 200 local employees in the near future, with the company having a “planned investment of tens of millions of euros in Galway.”

The company hires in a number of positions, with roughly half of all news jobs being technical and the remainder in roles like sales and marketing, legal and human resources.

Globalization Partners doubled its workforce worldwide last year and now plans to add 150 new positions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) this year.

The move comes after a customer growth of 70 percent compared to the previous year and a record new sales were recorded in 2020.

“Things have changed permanently; We have driven the advancement of teleworking by 10 or 15 years in 2020, ”said Diane Albano, chief revenue officer, Globalization Partners.


“Businesses think differently, and as more and more people are looking for the best talent no matter where they are, they are seizing the opportunity that comes with hiring global remote teams.”

Last year, the Financial Times named globalization one of the fastest growing companies in America. Founded in 2012, the flagship solution enables companies to hire employees around the world without having to deal with complex international legal, tax and HR issues.

The company, which has helped employers in over 170 countries recruit, closed a minority stake of $ 150 million last year that was led by funds managed by Wincove Private and TDR Capital.


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