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succeed as a small enterprise in right this moment’s age of globalization – Nairametrics


succeed as a small enterprise in right this moment’s age of globalization – Nairametrics


The globalization of the world economy is a reality in which companies in all countries have lived for two decades. According to statistics, more than 50% of all innovative developments occur precisely in small businesses, and globalization in this case includes investment in small businesses and their development by larger entrepreneurs and investors.

Small Business and Globalization

Nowadays small business development is based on the following factors:

  • Availability of a government funding program
  • Risk investment
  • Incubators

The focus is primarily on providing substantial help and support for small business development. At the same time, great importance is attached to honest working conditions. In some zones very loyal conditions have even been created for the normalized work of entrepreneurs, since it is imperative to improve the economic performance of this or that region.

Globalization is thus the process of implementing a multitude of aids that are aimed directly at creating standardized conditions for the work of entrepreneurs. Of course, the field of activity of small companies in the field of innovative developments is currently actively developing. Here individual private investors are actively participating in globalization and offering various investment programs.

Promote the development of small businesses

With small businesses playing a vital role in developing a country’s entire economy, there is an urgent need to activate the interests of potential customers. Business development is provoked by the fact that all the prerequisites for it have been created and that large companies are ready to invest their resources in their development.

In recent years, interest in small business development has increased around the world. It is becoming clear that this business can take the state to a new level in the world economy. A lot of exciting and really original ideas are born in small businesses. But due to a lack of funding, such ideas have no prospect of active development. Because of this, this business is at the peak of development in Europe and America and is supported not only by the state, but also by private investors and large entrepreneurs.

How can you help your business be successful?

Only successful entrepreneurs have this question. An entrepreneur cannot be successful without a desire to continually develop their business, reach new business heights, and achieve new goals. A company cannot go on a knurled one. Sooner or later, such a business will be at the bottom. Technologies change, competitors change, customers change with their needs, and when your business stands still, it cannot cope with new demands. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a company growing and developing:

  • Expand the range of products and services;
  • Improve the quality of goods and services and increase the price, as well as take away customers from competitors;
  • Acquire new customers with marketing and advertising. Use translation devices in your company to attract customers from all over the world. For example, you can use simultaneous translation devices to overcome the language barrier.
  • Expand your business – open new sales outlets and branches;
  • Expand the market through related activities;
  • Sell ​​Better – Train Your Salespeople;
  • Combine different methods;

Risk management system

Even the smallest company depends on changes in the global economy. Clearly, this does not mean that every entrepreneur has to watch Bloomberg all day and become an expert in various fields in order to predict which direction the oil price will go. There are specially trained people for this. You have to go about your business. To do this, you need a well-structured risk management system that allows you to effectively monitor all types of risks, including global ones.

Remember, the modern economy is as global as small businesses need it to be. Suppose an entrepreneur wants his goods to sell equally well in New York and Milan. In this case, he aims to enter the Italian market and will therefore carefully study the specifics of doing business in Italy.

In the modern world, having a risk management system in place is not just a tool for averting dangers and threats to a particular company in a particular country. It is a mechanism to promote a company in your own country and in the markets of other countries.

Last word

At the same time, it is obvious that the management system as a whole and the risk management system must change depending on the situation and show flexibility and adaptability in order to enter the markets of other countries, which means that the organization becomes a player in the global economy. Only when these requirements are met can we say that your company is ready to enter the world market and withstand the effects of the world economy.

About the author

Rachel Eleza, UpSuite Growth Marketing Director and part-time writer.


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