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World Commerce Facilities Affiliation highlights the rise of digital globalization in commerce at CIFTIS and CIFIT 2021, two main worldwide commerce and funding conferences in China


World Commerce Facilities Affiliation highlights the rise of digital globalization in commerce at CIFTIS and CIFIT 2021, two main worldwide commerce and funding conferences in China


Executive Director Business Development Robin van Puyenbroeck gives keynote speeches at both international conferences 2nd-11th September

BEIJING and XIAMEN, CHINA, September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) – a global network of more than 300 highly connected, mutually supportive companies and organizations – recently participated in two leading international trade and investment platforms – the China International Fair for Trade 2021 in services (CIFTIS) held in Beijing, China from 2nd-7th September 2021 and the China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) 2021 in Xiamen, China from 8-11 September 2021. The former, CIFTIS, focuses on rapidly growing and emerging areas of the service trade and is hosted annually by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing City Government. The latter, CIFIT, focuses on connecting investors, traders, service providers and government agencies with China and the rest of the world and is held annually by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

WTCA Executive Director-Business Development Robin van Puyenbroeck gave keynotes at both international conferences, in which he explained the rise of digital globalization and its important role China contributes to the stabilization of world trade.

“In the past year and a half, we have seen a digital transformation accelerate due to the pandemic,” said van Puyenbroeck. “We have entered an era of ‘digital globalization’ – which is changing the way we live and run our business and, as a result, creates a different work-life balance. At the WTCA, we have embraced this growing technology trend. ”And during our recent General Assembly we successfully introduced an artificial intelligence-based B2B matchmaking platform for our World Trade Center members and their business networks to enable them to use this new virtual environment connect to China and the digitization trend continues, the WTCA will continue to support innovative conferences such as CIFTIS and CIFIT and support its commitment to the presentation of innovations and new developments in the service trade. ”

The WTCA has been the official international partner of CIFTIS since 2016 in order to organize forums with its local partners and World Trade Centers. The association has also participated in CIFIT for the past 10 consecutive years to give its member World Trade Centers and their business networks access to the Chinese market.

During this year’s CIFTIS, the WTCA, together with the Beijing Association for Trade in Services and leading global independent investment bank Reynold Lemkins, hosted the China International Healthcare Industry Development and Investment Forum, attended by more than 100 people-level representatives. The forum was supported by AstraZeneca China and focused on the country’s health sector. Mr. van Puyenbroeck also spoke at length about the future of world trade with major Chinese media outlets including People’s Daily, CCTV Focus Report, CGTN and China Plus News during CIFTIS.

Regardless, this year’s CIFIT attracted more than 50,000 business people both online and in person. During the event, the WTCA, together with CCPIT and the CIFIT Organizing Committee, organized the “20th World Business Leaders’ Roundtable” for the seventh time in a row on the subject of “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reshaping Industries”. Speakers from Baidu, Iflytek, Huawei and other major leading AI companies discussed the technologies and applications of AI chip development, cloud computing, natural language processing, machine learning and the Internet of Things.

“In today’s world as a new form of globalization is emerging, digital globalization, the ability for people around the world to connect in a trustworthy environment has become an essential business necessity,” commented Mr. van Puyenbroeck during his keynote remarks. “This is where organizations like the WTCA and their incredibly resilient international network have proven to be indispensable tools for the economy. Our mission to facilitate world trade is more important and relevant today than ever, and the increased use of technology and AI will strengthen our global network. ”Even stronger, more interactive and more effective. I look forward to further cooperation in the years to come. “


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About World Trade Centers Association (WTCA)
The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is a network of more than 300 highly networked, mutually supportive companies and organizations in 91 countries. As the owner of the World Trade Center and WTC trademarks, the WTCA licenses exclusive rights to these trademarks to members for use in connection with its independent, iconic real estate, facilities and commercial service offerings. Through a robust portfolio of events, programs, and resources that it offers its members, the WTCA aims to support the local economy by promoting and facilitating trade and investment around the world through member engagement. To learn more, visit www.wtca.org.

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