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Globalization Companions launches world recruiting platform


Globalization Companions launches world recruiting platform


Globalization Partners has launched a new platform that the company’s recruiting partner network will use to provide companies with a global talent pool.

The company believes that its clients are under pressure to find talent in a limited labor market. With this in mind, the company developed its GP Recruit product to expand customer touchpoints with Globalization Partners partners and recruitment specialists in key markets around the world.

The first launch will cover markets such as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. New markets will be added in the course of 2022.

Mark Hedley, vice president of talent recruiting at Globalization Partners said, “A lack of recruiting resources can severely hamper a company’s ability to execute its talent strategy, and many rapidly expanding companies lack the expertise or resources to to find and hire global talent. “

GP Recruit will:

  • Automatically match clients with recommended recruitment agencies to find the perfect solution for the client based on the client’s combination of hiring location, industry, functional area and position
  • Fully integrated with Globalization Partners’ industry-leading technology platform so clients can create work orders, view compliance status with recruitment agencies, and track candidate procurement progress
  • Support a unified customer experience integrated through a single, industry-leading global employment platform, so customers can manage the entire HR process of talent identification, hiring, onboarding, administration and outsourcing – without having to set up offices around the world and comply with government regulations to eliminate headaches

Co-Founder of the Recruitment Network (TRN) James Osborne comments, “Today’s business environment demands creative solutions to the many recruitment hurdles companies face, such as layoffs, skill gaps and talent shortages.”

“Partnerships between organizations like TRN, its members and companies like Globalization Partners offer innovative ways to meet these kinds of challenges and offer new opportunities for companies and talent.”

Johnny C. Taylor, President and CEO of SHRM, says there is a talent war going on and it’s affecting businesses everywhere.

“That means companies need new ways to find the team members they need. In addition, working in global teams also has great advantages for employees, as they tend to have a much deeper cultural understanding. This helps improve employees’ ability to appreciate and appreciate other points of view, which leads to successful business interactions. “

“Great talent is everywhere, and Globalization Partners is capitalizing on that reality,” Hedley concludes.


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