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Globalization Companions launches GP Recruit


Globalization Companions launches GP Recruit


The extensive recruiting platform enables customers to find and hire new team members through this product extension of Globalization Partners’s industry-leading global job platform

BOSTON, Dec 14, 2021 / CNW / – Globalization Partners, which enables companies to hire anyone, anywhere in minutes without having to set up overseas offices, today announced the launch of GP Recruit. The new product range enables customers to find the right talent quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world.

Today, in a severely constrained job market, growing businesses are facing increasing pressure to find talent, and finding the right team members is critical to success. GP Recruit will leverage Globalization Partners’ extensive recruitment partner network to provide clients with access to an unparalleled range of recruiting specialists in key markets around the world. Through GP Recruit, companies can find the perfect solution based on their unique combination of requirements, including hiring location, industry, functional area, expertise or previous position – all via Globalization Partners’ industry-leading technology platform.

“The talent war is real and affects companies everywhere, and that means companies need new ways to find the team members who need them,” said Johnny C. Taylor Jr., President and CEO, SHRM. “In addition, working in global teams also has great advantages for employees, as they tend to have a much deeper cultural understanding. This helps improve employees’ ability to appreciate and appreciate other points of view, which leads to successful business interactions. “

“A lack of recruiting resources can severely hamper a company’s ability to execute its talent strategy, and many fast-growing companies lack the expertise or resources to find and hire global talent,” said Mark Hedley, Vice President Talent Recruiting, Globalization Partners. “Great talent is everywhere, and Globalization Partners is capitalizing on this reality by providing our clients with access to thousands of recruiters who can identify and access specialist talent in key markets around the globe, giving our clients a global competitive advantage.”

The new solution will be introduced in stages and will initially start in January 2022 for setting in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, with new markets added later in 2022. The solution will be:

  • Automatically match clients with recommended recruitment agencies to find the perfect solution based on the client’s unique combination of hiring location, industry, functional area and position
  • Fully integrated with Globalization Partners’ industry-leading technology platform so clients can create work orders, view compliance status with recruitment agencies, and track candidate procurement progress
  • Support a unified customer experience integrated through a single, industry-leading global employment platform so customers can manage the entire HR process of talent identification, hiring, onboarding, administration and outsourcing – without having to set up offices around the world and comply with government regulations to eliminate headaches

“Today’s business environment demands creative solutions to the many recruiting hurdles organizations face, such as layoffs, skill gaps and skills shortages,” said James Osborne, Co-Founder of The Recruitment Network (TRN). “Partnerships between organizations like TRN, its members, and companies like Globalization Partners offer innovative ways to meet these types of challenges and offer opportunities for both companies and talent.”

For more information about GP Recruit, our partners or to become a partner, please click here.

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