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Within the midst of globalization, the tradition should stay distinctive – Unesco


Within the midst of globalization, the tradition should stay distinctive – Unesco


Shabaz Khan

A leading United Nations education, science and culture organization (Unesco) in the Asia-Pacific region recently emphasized the importance of cultural preservation in the age of globalized societies.

On the sidelines of the third International Conference on Cultural Statistics and Creative Industries, which recently took place at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City, Dr. Shabaz Khan, Unesco Regional Science Bureau of Asia and the Pacific and Unesco Representative for Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia who said the Philippines and East Timor said culture should not be taken over by globalization.

He said the Philippines should preserve and protect its heritage as it is a special place for its food, indigenous clothing and music, and specialties in design, handicrafts and gastronomy, but people also need to be aware of the concept of unity in the world Be aware of diversity.

Culture is life, he said, adding that the different facets of culture such as special places, monuments and indigenous practices are important as that is the identity of the people.

“We shouldn’t lose the beauty of life because globalization has made everything the same,” he said.

“We must have all this diversity,” he added, explaining that “preserving and preserving our diversity while respecting everyone in the world” is very important.

“We are global citizens, but [should be] proud of who we are, ”he said.

Khan was the keynote speaker at the two-day conference organized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) that presented lectures on various topics related to cultural statistics and creative industries in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The NCCA said the event seeks to “provide an opportunity for local researchers to show how their research has contributed to policy making and planning related to their subjects”.


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